15 Hotels Where Every Room Is Unique

Wed, Jul 28, 2010


Do you ever get bored of chain hotels?  The same bed in every room, the same pleasantly dull abstract paintings, the same floor plan, the same neutral color?

For some people the repetitious standard is familiar and comfortable… but not fun.  For people who don’t wear polos everyday and pull their pants above the waist, the monotony is frustratingly devoid of any life, excitement or curiosity, which is really why we travel in the first place.

These adventurous types are looking for something different.  Something that doesn’t conform to a corporate color palate.  Something eccentric and unordinary.  Something with style and purpose.

While there are many great hotels that offer an experience different from the plainness of a Holiday Inn, there are few hotels where every room is unique.

On this list you will discover hotels where every single room is an entirely individual, stand alone piece of art.  There are no two rooms like it anywhere in the world — not even in the same hotel!

These hotels break the mold and create something unusual and unforgettable.

So step outside of the box and try something new and different at the 15 hotels where every room is unique…

Atelier Sul Mare – Castel di Tusa, Italy

At most museums, you can’t touch anything.  But at this art hotel on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea in Sicily, you can not only touch the artwork, you can live in it.  Each one of the 17 rooms at Atelier Sul Mare is a one-of-a-kind piece of art designed by a different artist, and every room has a distinct theme.  The wildest rooms are Trinacria, a dark room with a bed shaped like a piece of pizza, and Lunaria, which features blue walls lined with olive trees and a circular bed in the center of the room.  See the rooms HERE.

Arte Luise Kunsthotel – Berlin, Germany

Each of the 49 rooms in this art hotel was designed by a different artist to be used as a living art gallery.  The themes range from child-like fantasy in a room where the centerpiece is an over-sized oak bed to the sci-fi inspired Future Comfort room that features a cocoon-shaped shower.  The great thing about this place is that the artists receive a portion of the profit every time someone stays in their room.  But that cool room that looks like a living cartoon might not be there on your next visit: they recommission the rooms every 2-5 years.  See the rooms HERE.

Daddy Long Legs Art Hotel – Cape Town, South Africa

As if the name didn’t give it away, this is another art hotel where 13 rooms have been converted into interactive art exhibitions.  You can stay in a room surrounded by hundreds of pictures of sunsets, a dark room that resembles a Japanese love hotel, or a chic hospital room where almost everything is colored red (can you say sexy emergency!?).  See the rooms HERE.

Gladstone Hotel – Toronto, Canada

All 37 rooms at the famous Gladstone Hotel are unique works of art created by artists from Toronto.  Step into the past in an Art Nouveau room, conjure your inner biker gang member in the Biker Room, or reenact your favorite noir film (minus the murder part) in the 1940′s inspired Parlour of Twilight.  It would take more than a month to sleep in every room in this hotel, so get crackin’.  See the rooms HERE.

Hotel Amour – Paris, France

This trendy Parisian hotel located near the naughty district caters to a young, hip clientele, and the uniquely designed rooms reflect their tastes.  The designs range from bright blue walls with flower curtains to minimalist black and white.  Some of the previously mentioned hotels don’t include TVs or phones so guests can fully immerse themselves in the artwork, but this isn’t that kind of hotel, so we’re not sure why they skip on the amenities.  Maybe because the guests are too busy looking at all the nudie magazine that serve as decorations in the lobby?  See the rooms HERE.

Hotel Des Arts – San Francisco, California

Not every one of the 38 rooms in this San Francisco art hotel is as trippy as you’d expect from a city that harbors the last hippies on earth, but guests might require psychotropic substances to truly understand the design.  There’s a room covered in propaganda, a room where the paint bleeds off the walls and onto the furniture, and a room so brightly psychedelic that you could probably close your eyes and still see the colors.  But perhaps the most popular room is a Unibomber-esque cabin-like room that looks as if someone lived there for a short period and then left everything behind.  See the rooms HERE.

Hotel Fox – Copenhagen, Denmark

The newly relaunched Hotel Fox features 61 completely unique hotel rooms designed by 21 artists from around the world.  It’s not just the paint on the walls that’s different in each room, it’s everything: the furniture, the linens, the shape, the style and the decorations are all exclusive to that particular room.  In a room called Heidi, you get to experience the life of a Swiss farmer.  In Fresco, the entire room is a bed.  And in Sleep Seasons, guests sleep on a bed under a makeshift tent surrounded by comic book-like scenes of nature.  See the rooms HERE.

Hotel Pelirocco – Brighton, England

If you prefer provocative, head to the Hotel Pelirocco.  Not all of its 19 individually designed rooms are saucy, but the ones that are hold nothing back.  The Nookii Room features a strip show sign and bed complete with shackles.  The burlesque-inspired Pin Up Parlour looks like something out of Moulin Rouge! But the most famous room (especially with rock stars) is the 1970′s porn movie-inspired Durex Play Room (appropriately titled), where pink walls surround a circular bed with overhead mirror.  There’s even a stripper pole!  See the rooms HERE.

Hotel Silken Puerta America – Madrid, Spain

Each of the 12 floors in this luxury hotel showcase a different architectural and artistic style, and each room within those floors has its own unique design.  The first floor is styled in a smooth, contoured fashion — no straight lines or sharp edges — and each room only uses one color.  Triangular mirrors dominate the fourth floor.  And the eighth floor looks like a nightclub on a spaceship.  Unlike some of the others hotels on this list, however, this hotel doesn’t go the kitschy route; the hotel is everything you’d expect from a 5-star establishment: elegant, classy and clean.  See the rooms HERE.

Madonna Inn – San Luis Obispo, California

This is the biggest and perhaps most famous hotel where every room is unique… all 109 of them.  They may not be interactive art installations like some of the other rooms on this list, but they’re just as colorful and just as flamboyant… but way more tacky.  Most rooms seem like a throwback to the ’60′s and ’70′s, when in actuality they really were constructed in that era.  In that regard, it’s kind of like a time capsule of corniness: bold colors, animal prints, bed spreads that looks like they were imported from grandma’s house, and a mish mash of wooden and leather furniture.  The theme rooms, like Caveman and Safari, are most popular.  People also come from far and wide just to see the famous rock waterfall urinal.  See the rooms HERE.

New Majestic Hotel – Singapore

30 rooms, 30 singular creations by local artists.  The designs are more modern and chic instead of bold and edgy, from minimalist white with little furniture to a room dominated by wood blocks (it’s like living inside a game of Jenga).  The most in demand room is The Aqua Room, which features an aquarium bathtub in the middle of the room.  See the rooms HERE.

The Pavilion Hotel – London, England

Popular with celebrities and musicians, The Pavilion describes itself as a “fashion rock ‘n’ roll hotel.”  There’s no telling which of the 30 themed rooms takes the award for most outrageous.  Honky Tonk Afro, with its lime green walls, pink boas and furry dice?  Indian Summer, with its pink walls and gold furniture (it looks like it once belonged to a gay Maharaja)?  Or Enter The Dragon, the Chinese opium tent?  See the rooms HERE.

Propeller Island City Lodge – Berlin, Germany

If there was only one place we could stay on this list, it would be Propeller Island.  Like the other art hotels on this list, every one of the 30 rooms in Propeller Island is a one-of-a-kind work of art that you can live in.

But unlike the other hotels, every room in this art hotel was designed by only one guy.  Yet somehow, Propeller Island has the wackiest and weirdest hotel rooms out of all the hotels on this list.  There’s a room with a slanted floor and a flying bed, a room with a bed suspended six feet off the ground and tied to four beams (overweight guests are forbidden from renting this room due to safety regulations), a room enclosed by mirrors, a claustrophobic room that looks like a nuclear safety bunker with three beds perched on terraces of different levels, and, our favorite, an upside room, where all the furniture hangs from the ceiling and you sleep on beds planted into the floor.

With such confounding designs, it’s no surprise that each room comes with instructions on how to use it!  See the rooms HERE.

Winvian – Litchfield Hills, Connecticut

This 113-acre, all-inclusive resort features 18 different cottages that are on such a grand scale, the average price is $1,700 per night.  A stay here isn’t just a stay, it’s an experience.  Decode the mysteries of the illuminati in a Masonic-like temple.  Take refuge in a lighthouse.  Climb into a treehouse for grown-ups — it’s got a full bar.  Or hang out in an actual, fully restored U.S. Coast Guard helicopter that’s been equipped with everything you’d expect from a luxury resort.  See the cottages HERE.

Winston – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Every place in the Winston is an art exhibition, from the rooms to the hallways to the lobby — they even have one of the world’s smallest art galleries in their nightclub bathroom.  The themed rooms cater to every taste, whether it’s childish fantasy in the Playnation room where guests sleep under a life-size robot that hangs off the wall, to the kinetic style of the Ultraviolet Room, or the calmness of the Tranquility Room.  Best of all, it won’t break the bank to stay in a few different rooms: the Winston is a budget art hotel.  See the rooms HERE.

Which of these unique hotel rooms would you stay in?

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8 Responses to “15 Hotels Where Every Room Is Unique”

  1. Len says:

    don’t forget the Carlton Arms in NYC.
    not luxe, but definitely unique.

  2. Stacy says:

    I want to stay in EVERY room at the Madonna Inn! I see that place on TV all the time!

  3. Jetpacker says:

    Cool place! Thanks for the tip, Len.

    We’ve read about a few places similar to Carlton Arms, but not nearly on the same scale.

  4. Gourmantic says:

    Great collection! The Berlin hotel looks like a drawing. I’m sure I’d bump into the furniture!

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