Buckingham Palace

Wed, Jul 29, 2009

London, United Kingdom

For some reason, people love looking at big houses.  Maybe it’s because we’re curious as to how the wealthy live.  Maybe it’s because we aspire to live like royalty one day.  Maybe it’s because we’re on a mission to find out who gives out the best Halloween candy.  No matter what your motivation, Buckingham Palace is one of the most legendary places to fulfill our curious desire to witness the luxurious lifestyle.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is lot like the White House: it’s large, you can’t get too close to it, and it’s home to the most important figurehead in the country — in this case, Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family.  For most of the year, there’s nothing to do but snap a few photos and maybe wait around for the changing of the guard.  (Check the schedule here.)

For about 60 days a year, usually from early August until the end of September when the Royal Family is away, the palace is open to the public.  You can buy tickets to see everything from the State Rooms (the rooms where the Royal Family entertain their important guests), to the Royal Mews (the Royal Family stable and garage which includes the gaudy Gold State Coach) and the Queen’s Gallery (art and artifacts from the Royal Collection) for an astronomical £29.50.

In other words, you can pay a small fortune to see someone else’s large fortune.  In our opinion, Buckingham Palace looks just fine from the outside.

But if you want to visit, you can buy tickets in advance here.  For more information about the history of Buckingham Palace and things to see on your visit, check out the official site of the British Monarchy and The Royal Collection website.

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