Las Vegas is the Top Valentine’s Day Destination

Thu, Feb 7, 2013

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In case you’re not already painfully aware, Valentine’s Day is exactly one week away.

And according to a recent survey by Orbitz, nearly 80% of people have never received a romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day, and they’d rather be whisked away on a trip than receive traditional gifts like flowers and candy.

This year is actually a good year for taking a Valentine’s Day trip, because the so-called “holiday” overlaps with an actual holiday, Presidents Day.

So Orbitz has compiled the top 10 most-popular destinations for Valentine’s Day and Presidents Day weekend this year, based on the number of total hotel bookings.

And just like last year, Las Vegas is the most popular destination.  Which makes sense, since it was also just voted the sexiest U.S. city.

Anyway, here are the 10 most-popular destinations for Valentine’s Day and Presidents Day weekend:

1.  Las Vegas

2.  New York

3.  Orlando

4.  Miami

5.  New Orleans

6.  Houston

7.  Chicago

8.  San Francisco

9.  Atlantic City

10.  Honolulu

One final note, the survey found that when selecting a hotel, the amenities we think best set the mood are: champagne and chocolates upon arrival, breakfast in bed, and couples spa services.

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4 Responses to “Las Vegas is the Top Valentine’s Day Destination”

  1. Great meeting you at the launch tonight! So excited for you! Congratulations on such an awesome achievement! I started reading it already. Now to get moving on mine!

  2. Emma Bail says:

    Yes totally agree with you.Las veags is surely the most favorite destination specially for lovers.Its a most energetic,happy and party city in the world.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Pure Laos says:

    Wow!you went to Las Vegas in Valentine Day.Congratulation.I have a dream to spend holiday in Las Vegas at some special moment with special someone.

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