St. Petersburg, Florida, is the Saddest City in the U.S.

Wed, Nov 30, 2011

Odd News

Men’s Health just came out with a list of the 100 largest cities in America, ranked by happiness.

A city’s score was based on several factors, such as suicide rates, the unemployment rate and the rate of antidepressant use.

And they found that… Florida is a pretty miserable place to live.

Not only did St. Petersburg come in dead last as the saddest city in the U.S., Florida had FIVE cities in the bottom 20.  That was, by far, the worst of all the states.

The happiest city in the country was, of course, Honolulu.  If you can believe it, Hawaii always tends to do pretty well in any sort of “quality of life” rankings.

Anyway, here are the 10 SADDEST cities: 

100.  St. Petersburg

99.  Detroit, Michigan

98.  Memphis, Tennessee

97.  Tampa, Florida

96.  Louisville, Kentucky

95.  St. Louis, Missouri

94.  Birmingham, Alabama

93.  Miami, Florida

92.  Reno, Nevada

91.  Las Vegas, Nevada


And the 10 HAPPIEST cities are:

10.  Plano, Texas

9.  Burlington, Vermont

8.  St. Paul, Minnesota

7.  Sioux Falls, South Dakota

6.  Madison, Wisconsin

5.  Boston, Massachusetts

4.  Omaha, Nebraska

3.  Fargo, North Dakota

2.  Manchester, New Hampshire

1.  Honolulu, Hawaii

You can see the full 100-city list here.

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