We Might Be Closer To Jetpack Travel Than We Think!

Mon, Nov 8, 2010

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It’s unreasonable to expect teleportation to be available in our lifetime, but that’s fine because we like jetpacks more.  For those of you that haven’t been paying attention, this very website is even called The Jetpacker because jetpacks rule and self-propelled wing-flapping contraptions don’t.

Yes, we know jetpacks are slower than teleporting, but they’re way cooler-looking and you don’t have to worry about your body fusing with a fly.

Now, even though scientists (or, if you prefer, science fiction writers, but what’s the difference?) promised we’d all be flying personal jetpacks by now, it hasn’t happened yet because The Rocketeer is a lying a-hole.

And until recently, we thought we weren’t even close.  But thanks to the Jetman, we might be closer to jetpack travel than we think.

His name is Yves Rossy and back in 2008, he flew a jetpack 35 kilometers across the English Channel in under 10 minutes.

But his latest stunt is even cooler.  Over the weekend, Yves jumped out of a hot air balloon at 7,900 feet and flew his new and improved jetpack for 18 minutes, performing two loops in the process.  Can a jumbo jet do that?  We don’t think so.

His average speed was 124mph, which means it would take him about 80 hours to fly from L.A. to Khazakstan.  Why Khazakstan?  Because who the heck would pay to fly there on an airplane?

Okay, so it’s not the fastest mode of transportation, but seriously, don’t underestimate the coolness factor.  Just look at this thing and tell us it’s not worth the longer trip…

We already have an official cartoon mascot, but we’re adopting Yves as our official human mascot regardless of whether he gives us permission or not.

Hopefully this is the next step in jetpack travel becoming a reality.  That way we can finally go to those 12 Places We’d Visit If We Had A Jetpack.

Yves is an awesome aeronautical engineer, but for all we know he sucks at geography.  So in honor of his accomplishment, we’re going to make a sequel list later this week on 12 MORE places we’d visit if we had a jetpack, just to give Yves a few ideas.  Okay, we’re actually just sucking up so we can get a free ride on his jetpack.

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